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I write I guess to free my mind ......although my existence is shackled within this fleshy matter bound in the materialized reality forged from the consequences of poor choices ... I struggle to maintain my individuality ..trapped amongst souls who lack knowledge of themselves, Unable to connect to their inner divinity....searching for that which does not exist....I realize that the true measure of nobility lies not being superior to your fellow man ,its about being superior to your former self.. I daily contribute to my growth and development with the understanding that I am in the same process that a butterfly goes through to unlock their beautiful potential as well as the same growth Harlem Red went through to become Malcom X .... this is a law of life struggle is the best platform for growth ...within every fall lies the seeds... That can insure success ........all one has to do is be open minded To the given opportunity and apply themselves to building new habits and expanding their mind. ..."you are as you think " .....I dwell on who I look to become .....not living my life with regret ...I am who I am because of who I was.....all my actions and thoughts culminate to create The level of understanding that I now hold.. and as much as i appreciate the development i more so am proud of the trials and tribulations that sharpened me..... 

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