"Did you drop this $20 bill?" and 3 other fantastic pickup lines

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These are hands down some of the most interesting pickup lines that I have seen or heard but I want you to be the judge. You could have some better ones so the more the merrier.

I searched the Internet for some of the best pickup lines so you wouldn't have to and the ones we found are awesome! The great pickup lines seem to have one thing in common and that is they catch women of guard and ultimately get you noticed.

Did you drop this $20 dollar bill?

This one seems to work because it doesn't mean that the girl is a gold digger but she feels like she could have lost something and you are helping her find it. This one is a great ice breaker so you will have to test it out and let me know how it goes.

Are you stalking me?

You have to have a shocked or scared look on your face when you try this one. You want to tell her that if she is stalking you, you must be moving up in the world. This is the kind of line where you directly ask her out afterwards. This one packs a huge emotional load and will carry you far.

Don't act light-skinded 

I have to be honest with you about this one. It seems like women are getting BS from all sides and it has gotten difficult to get their attention. This is especially the case if you are a nice guy, you will just come off as creepy. This line helps them reel the attitude back in a little bit and then you can start fresh from there. 

(Two-step line) I don't do romance...(wait) I keep it real and saying hi to you is the realist thing I have done today. ADVANCED

Ok, this one is for the actor inclined and if you dont have it in you, dont do it. You should be able to sweet a women off her feet if it is in your heart to do it. If not, just dont even get close to this one. You wont be able to pull it off. 

Add your favorite pickup line(s) to this list. I would love her what has been working for you. It could someone out and I think that everyone is out there looking for love but you have to get noticed first. 

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