11 Things Black Men Do To Piss The Black Woman Off

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1."No" means "no." There is that one point where you are having a discussion with a black man and he pushed you to the point where you are not ready to go any further. You know the look you get in your eye and you have a laser focus and your voice drops a few notes and you really just mean "No." Not "No maybe." Or "No, I’ll think about it" , It’s just plain "No."

At this point him being the stubborn black man that he is, he wants to push it until he gets hit point across and that’s when his pride kicks in. Instead him just letting it go, he pushes the issue and now you are just plain turned off.

2.A man that is not able to take "No" for an answer. He has already pissed you off and now you just need some time to yourself. If he means something to you, you will definitely think about the situation and wait to get back into your feelings and then you can approach him again. But if he does not know how to take "No" for an answer. It is only going to go from bad to worse.

Taking "No" for answer means that he doesn't want to go out and find someone to cheat on you with or he is not going through his phone looking for someone to call. He crossed the line and he knows it and he just needs to deal with it by really letting it go and finding his way back to you.

This could be sweet talk or really just doing nothing. But he needs to be man enough to just accept it for what it is.

3.He tries to embarrass you in public, major turnoff. You should not be the butt of his jokes or he should not be trying to make you feel bad at the expense of jokes in poor taste. A black man really doesn't need to put anyone down to make himself feel better. It’s called "self-esteem" for a reason.

4.Cheating. I think this is a plain one but it had to be mentioned. If he is with you, he is with you. If he cheats, you need to find a black man that can be there for you like you need him to be. A broken heart really hearts but a healed heart feels even better, feel me.

5.Cheating with someone you know. That just makes him opportunistic and please don’t let it be someone you introduced him to, that is betrayal. Don’t believe me, look up the word "betrayal."

6.Cheating with someone he has introduced you to and played it off like they were just friends. Not only is he cheating but he also took it to the next level and introduced you to her. When you find out, it is really makes it hard to trust the next woman that a black man introduces you to.

7.Cheating on you with a guy. I really don't know how rare this one is but I have heard stories about it and that just means he was confused from the jump. He really didn’t know where he was standing and really just used you to either find out where he was or to fake a relationship. Either way, you lose in this situation.

8.Stop lying. A black man that lies for no reason is just plain stupid. The one way for sure that you can tell he is lying is because his lips are moving. If he is lying now and he will do it way into the future. It’s really like he came back in time to start from the beginning and he is going to keep going.

If he wants to be with you, great! If not, keep it moving.

9.Every black man should show his woman little kindnesses. Every once in a while, tell her she is beautiful because it does make a difference. If not, she will feel like you are taking her for granted. The one thing any woman wants is to be seen and appreciated. That is a powerful thing and will keep you out of black man jail. It\'s not a pretty place.

10.This one is serious. If you put something in the fridge, he should have the decency not to eat it. It sounds like a joke but its not. You have been waiting all day to eat something especially if you went to Cheesecake Factory or Red Lobster, you can’t wait to get at it. You open the refrigerator and nothing. Just emptiness and you already know who did it.

11.This one is the most important, she tells you she loves you and you don't say it back. If you are not at that point in the relationship, you should say so. But don't get her started with that and then take it back. If you love her, you are all in. You are not only interested in loving her, you are committed to it. If not, just tell her up front and one day you will get there. But until then, just don’t say it.

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