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When the skies falling

Be the one I’m calling

Be my past and my future

Inspire my evolution

I’m refuting the Darwins

Chuck a deuce

I see the truth in you calling

Listen to my conviction

My writtens witness the martyr

Kill me!

I’m the victim

My symptom is loving you regardless

Heal me

Enlisted in this battle

My shadow lost in your vision

Soul drifting with no resistance

So vivid, completing my image


Constantly contradicting my conscious

Because I know that I exist

But only through your existence


I just need you to listen!

My hearts in forsaken places

My souls raging

Lost to the ages

Poetry filling a thousand pages

Reflections of us

Love…lost to the ancients

I….give you life

Through the poetry I write

Now live FOREVER!!!!

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2b2b2 says:

Outstanding piece....Bravo....ONE

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igotastory says:

This poem is so moving I can visually see your words

hymnagen says:

Incredible work. it pulled me in and kept me through to the end!.Peace

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