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Poetry is my art, pain is often times my pen. I will write until the ink spills no more. And the colors cease to blend. -Cherubim

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Everybody's Fool.

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Everybody's fool. Everybody's muse. Everybody's clown juggling misconceptions of our conception. The black man. The black woman. Everybody's joke. Everybody's laughter. We come after. Everybody. Every naughty thought about sin begins with our existence. Our entrance. Causes stares. And glares of blue eyes. Bruised pride. Floats like smoke. Everytime we are near. Everwhere we appear we appear to be the fear that washes over evrybody's face. Everybody's race. Got their own acceptance. But our's. Black man. Black woman. And our. Own people despise us. Thus the point to fight to be equal. To ward off this evil. The sequal. To 1960's riots. No peace. No justice. And in the streets. It's just us. Who the night ends up sucking up into the cycle of handcuffs. And stand ups. By politicians who claim to care but they never really could understand us. Legislation that was never meant to uplift or upraise us. And the deprivation of education it's the truth of what raised us. So no job. No plan. The only option that could ever work for us. Is if we join the circus. And be the slaves that we bahave ourselves to be. We berate ourselves to these. Misconceptions of our conceptions. This is not what we were made to be. But still we're everybody's fool.

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2b2b2 says:

Hmm....Tight Concept.....respectfully though....it ain't us only being fools....fools are covered by mercy....those who think themselves not to be....hmmmm.....well that is another story...thanks for sharing.....ONE

UnderHisWings7 says:

2b2b2 I appreciate that bro. And you are right about your comment of "those who think themselves not to be". When you said that I thought..."But that's for another poem". Lol. Great minds think alike. ONE

mrmelody7 says:

Like this good one for quote unquote Black History Month young sharp minds should never forget where they came from as a music lover a favorite song of mine long before your days however-Everybody plays the fool no exception to the rule good work on your part

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