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Sitting here thinking wondering wats next will we meet again I would love to feel your beautiful skin rubbing you with oil massaging your sore spots whispering in your ear saying you the one I love while I'm kissing you from head to toe listening to you moan while the sun sets but that's just my fantasy not knowing if you feel the same so I must sit back and wonder what's next thoughts on a ever lasting love a love were a photo album book will look like one big heart and as we share are memories chills will run through are souls forcing us to love as if we were on are first date feel so blessed to have a partner who heart is never filled with hate just unconditional love that love that will never fall only time it will fall is when the lord puts are souls to rest and we can look back at are life and say damn we been blessed and whenever its time to take are last breaths let us hold hands and share are last breaths and when its finally completely over lets share caskets and be buried with a big tomb stone saying the best couple that ever lived cause are love was truly real.

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underhiswings7 says:

So genuine

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