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Check  the  math,  Yak-ub  done  passed

Chatting  up  ways,  to  get  paid,  by  uniform  billing

Instead  of  catching  OJs,  we  be  U-ber-ing,

Steady  wondering  how  and  why  black  on  black  stays

Ain’t  no  crime,  like  a  crime  let  go,  that’s  called  the  slide  rule!

Analog  computing  means  ain’t  no  disputing  laws  by  the  Man

Wearing  black housecoats  up  high,  sitting  on  benches,  smashing  hammers  to  fry

That’s why I flinch when  walking  pass  white  picket  fences,  best  be  easy,  can’t  pass  GO  that  easy

So  I  can’t  let  go  that  easy,  brushing  me  off  as  insidious,  like  its  my  plot….advising  self  demising

You  see  we  be,  monopoly(ized)  for  monetary  gains  in  gaming,  red  dot’s  steadily  be  aiming

Try  claiming  dependency  on  the  grounds  of   substantial  abuse,  you  still  lose  on  appeal

See  its  still  the  same  old  slipstick  comedy  for  errors  calculated  coldly  by  tax  collectors

Inputting  numbers  that  don’t  add  up  to  zero,  guess  who  has  one  billion  followers  on  credit

Forgoing  freedom  on  drives  at  night  and  liberty  to  obtain  offices  of  presidency  of  united  places

We  be  facing  almost  seemingly  exclusive  incarceration,  but  the  Man  say  statistics  aren’t  true

In  conditions  of  studied  groups  of  pi,  mathematically  speaking,    meaning  American  Pies!

Can’t  even  pick  my  own  apples,  but  I  can  be  deployed  to  pluck ‘em  for  masters  for  quarters

Causing  fiscal  crisis,  if  I  slice  me  a  large  piece  of  US  dreaming,  I  must  be  scheming  so  I’m  pulled  over

Tossed  in  the  system  for  punishment,  is  in  itself  punishment,  wading  in  logjams  logarithm

For  the  next  time,  times  the  time  after  that,  do  the  math  to  ensure  that  future  classes  are not subtracted  or  factored  as  being  less  than  one…….


So  the  Algorithmic  equation  should  read……  I  AM  SOMEBODY,  therefore  ANYBODY  IS  SOMEBODY  which  equals  EVERYONE!!!! 

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Ladypoet45 says:

"Is the mic on?" Nice work here 2b, unfortunately this what it's come to for so may of us. You nailed it.

Debbieownsthis says:

When I read your inks I read them in my head with my rap voice... The flow in this though, dynamic... U def nailed it ... All the way to the ground... I really enjoy ur style of writing... Awesome ink

KingQadarDwon' says:

Splendid piece... Thanks for sharing

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mrmelody7 says:

Always admire the time and thought you put in your creations 2b2bsure

2b2b2 says:

Thanks Ladypoet45.....lol the mic stays on when the mind is present, what a blessing (winks) Namaste

2b2b2 says:

Thank You Kindly Debbieownsthis....I'm a big fan of your pen's flair as well....Write On....ONE

2b2b2 says:

Thanks KingQadarDwon' for blessing me with your comments....as I'm enjoying your flavor as well....ONE

2b2b2 says:

Thanks mrmelody7.....I try but honestly these muse(s) got me beat, I just try to keep up....ONE

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hymnagen says:

And that last line summed it all up nicely. #Salute 2b2b2

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