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A Past life on Mine

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 Watch as I take

Make reanimate,thrown in a lake

Down, could not swim, so i died

Got the chance to relive a previous 

I was a thief, grief i saw, down on my knees

The life i lived right now, i was honest

Did something happend that changed up contest

Protest, had to do something

Answers i was searching, on why i was like this

Almost shot and killed for trying to stop the violence

thats who i was, thats what i am

But society viewed me as an outlaw

Trying to take down bad people with too much power

Nobody stepped up, all hid in fear and cower

Till the day i decided, us common had to protect our honor

No longer contolled like some type of puppet things

Was about time to cut the damn strings

So i defied, felt revived, rained so hard that day it hailed!

But its came down to a bullet and so i failed...



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