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"Can I come back if I never left? Silence is broken."

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The only reason you keep her around is 'cause you feel better keeping her down.You have no reign so you sabotage and steal her crown.

You stand in the way of every chance; taking away her happiness, song, and dance. All under the initial guise of romance.

She was so full of life and he so full of strife. On a good night, there were only two fights.

He was a slayer of her little girl dreams. The unloved wrapped up in the presence of the unseen. In the nooks and crannies of his psyche he hides things, leaving her frantic to control the panic of knowing he wasn't what he seemed.

But he reamed the pole and created a new hole just make her unwhole. Unrolled and unhinged, living on the fringe.

Placated and persuaded, intwined like star-crossed, but just ill-fated. She missed all the signs the flags indicated.

Now she pours her soul into an empty hole where no one plays their role and warmth can no longer take hold.

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Charles2 says:

Great work, on point.

underhiswings7 says:

This is good! Thanks for sharing

amin901 says:

You do good work.Keep expressing

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