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A Trip...

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I flew to Africa and my heritage struck

I witnessed my heritage and my pride came out

I over did my pride and America showed


I tasted discrimination and slavery was born

I cried outs slavery through whips and chains;

and history was made

I met history and a family was created

I honored my family and a month we received

I opened that month and showed a shadow of a little negro


I took that little girl and the word "beautiful" existed

I redefined "beautiful" and white hands grabbing her appeared

I rebirth this image and equality was earned

I rethought that last line and questions grew concern

I took those questions and society tears flowed

I saved each tear and pain came back

I struggled with pain and drugs came out

I smoked my adictions and youth stil dies young

I sung a song for these souls and negro spirituals were versed

I spoke these verse words and hope was concealed



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qtp_21 says:

RESPECT! your a great storyteller keep on writing that beautiful poetry the world need it

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2b2b2 says:

SNAPS....Tight Work...thanks for sharing!!

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