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2Bespoken (Griot ON.....)

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Reach  from  a  seat,  to  spin  some  yarn

Driven   from  more  than  less  beyond,  

Strange  fruits  eaten,  before  described  

Looking  through  cracks in  petrie  dishes  of  strife

Casting  lots  trying  to  dredge  up  sleeping  fishes

Gazing  at  stars  shooting  across  blackened  avenues

Depending  on  sips  and  tokes  upliftment  for  traveling

Singing  from  notes,  self  taught  hymns  of  perseverance

Battle  tested,  swallowing  blood  rather  than  spilling

Feeling  something  before  I  even  come  near  it,  to  witness

Using  hands  to  outbox  chains  of  constraint  constantly  prescribed

Depending  on  my  earth  to  store,  carry  and  birth  my  seeds  alive

Slicing  cheese  and  sharing  without   insisting  on  government  sanctions

Remembering  all  elders,  and  the  importance  to  thank  them

Time  bending,  space  saving,  injustice  erasing  Telemaque  relative

Up  under  the  most  high,  most  excellent,  wisdom  accelerant

Once  bent,  now  more  straight-laced,  boomeranging  life’s  pace

Same  as  my  left  hand  trembling,  writing  out  thoughts  on  the  other  hand

Schematics  are  encoded  in  my  heart  on  display,  lighting  up  page  after  page

Less  seasoned  than  sage,  so  I  read  minds,  so  the  message  is  replayed

Realizing  what  is  wrote  on  is  never  totally  told  from  beginning  to  ending…

For  this  is  just  a  few  lines   as  a  token……my  Nubian  Way  can  never  be  broken…..

More  like  a  chapter  in  perpetual  reminiscence …..capturing  divine  WORDS  2bespoken!

Griot  ON……..

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KingQadarDwon' says:

This is outstanding.. Never fail to impress one's mind.. "Battle tested, swallowing blood rather than spilling"... Thanks for sharing..

Ladypoet45 says:

I agree with KQD. What more can be said? Great work 2B.

2b2b2 says:

Thanks miuch KQD and Ladypoet45.....ONE

mlowe5 says:

Divine words indeed. Continue to be the great young Griot that you are, my Brother. Thanks for the inspiration you continue to give us all. May your pregnant poetic mind continue to birth forth Divine Words. Peace, Love and Unity.

2b2b2 says:

Thanks Brother mlowe5.....likewise....ONE

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