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Poetry is my art, pain is often times my pen. I will write until the ink spills no more. And the colors cease to blend. -Cherubim

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4ever My Religion

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There are a million forces that try to convert me to the religion of their unfounded love. But your heart is the only place that I have ever been a true believer of. I'll attend the services of your presence just to sit in the front pews of your heaven and listen to the preachings and the teachings of your  gifted sweet trances. Sweet love, your poetry is the  law of my attraction. Scripted and cemented in the palms of my tablets. Late night readings of your Words. Midnight feedings of your slurs. Filling my spirit with the wisdom of your sweet proverbs. I'm a believer, in you. 4ever!

I thank the Most High One for your love. #ultimaterespect


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KingQadarDwon' says:

You never fail to impress us poets.. Lovely write.. Blessed pen that you have... Thanks for sharing this

hymnagen says:

Beautifully written, sis. Bravo!

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nikki_phressh says:


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RonnieL says:

One word....BEAUTIFUL!

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