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Poetry is my art, pain is often times my pen. I will write until the ink spills no more. And the colors cease to blend. -Cherubim

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Revived *Bedtime Secrets*

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I reach for invisible particles
that float above southern skies.
Hoping that I
could someday float to the heavens and fly.
Split second cries brings reactions
of dissatisfaction
because somewhere in the heavens
I've failed to make a connection
with the Creator
Vowels made and broken like wedding night hymens
My theater
Fills with a crowd of angels who pardon my crimes and
My behavior
Desperately clinging to this scarlet red thread
Damning the ringings of the thoughts in my head
And resurrecting this body that has once been claimed dead
I'm awakened
The skies are no longer my hungered destination
Instead I long for his forgiveness, my reparations
Feel the spreading of my wings
Kill the shreddings of my being
Made new and revived my spirit is esteemed
And I fly



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amin901 says:

simply beautiful just as you are

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amin901 says:

How did you get the title on your page...(i write for you,you,and me?)

underhiswings7 says:

Bro, just go to your user panel and at the top of your page you'll see "Status". Just write in the box and it'll change your status for you.

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