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Gift of Heaven

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She doesn't dress in the latest fashion nor move about with the rhythm of the city , when she present herself,society question their sight for she is different, not by the design of her environment but by her own creation she is a gift of heaven to meet her is to know a queen .....for she speak with the qualities that is embedded in her :


Gift of Heaven, she can't be found from the outside of her appearance for it's only a vessel to carry her through the journey of life , once you have met her beyond her appearance you have met a gift of heaven ......she a jewel of all jewels for she is cut different ;


Gift of Heaven, in ones life time do you appear for truly you are a rarity gift of heaven.







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underhiswings7 says:

Aw. That's wusup, bro!

Charles2 says:

there is a power which moves among us which has unmistakable insights. there are those who are open to observe them. treasures of life who by virtue of their being, live simply and follow a path inspired from a balance of a spirit deep within ...and a more powerful understanding of our role as real people. true queens are inspiring to see in action, not in a "pose" or a "look", making waves which inspire and amaze by their natural beauty

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