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He's waiting on me primed, hot, and ready to give me what I'm looking for, I can see the gleam in his eyes as he peeks through the blinds as I switch my hips in rythem up to his front door. He answers after two knocks unashamed as I look at his hardened manhood while I pretend to be looking at the for, he puts his hand under my chin and raises my eyes to meet his gaze as he whispers to me softly is this what you came here for? Yes I say with passion as I drop to my knees to show appreciation to his gift, I suck the life out of him until he gives me a lift. Up against the wall with my legs wrapped around his shoulders he pushes my panties to the side, then his tongue takes me on a sweet magical ride. He makes me come twice before he let's my feet touch the floor, he has my knees weak and knew I couldn't take it anymore. He turns me around and places my hands up against the wall, and wraps his arms around my waist before I slip and fall. He pushes himself up inside of me while my voice let's out a sexy little oh, he whispers in my ear I got you baby you already know. He glides in and out of my wetness at a pace that almost knocks me to my knee's, harder and faster baby do it please. I hiss as he says patience my love I've got everything you need. He moves me over to the couch and hikes my backside into the air, I give myself over to his control and let him take me there. We do so many different positions from his bag of tricks, until I can't take anymore and come all over his stick. He gives me a few more powerful thrust and explodes inside of me harder than I ever knew that it could ever be, I smile to myself knowing this is why I'm never late to what's waiting on me.

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2b2b2 says:

Sultry Capture...grown n' sexy style....ohhh-lala (smile)

Fonz52 says:

Visualization is great! Nice job again.

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