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We have crossed many of a pregnant river,

Leaving taunting umbilical memories behind---

Memories that cause the soul to rock and shiver;

And send excruciating pain ravaging the mind.

So many thousands are we---project dwellers---

Corralled within politico-economical confines;

Our opened cells---training grounds for social work

Skills and dope sellers:

These urban, ebony compounds of socio-cultural dirt,

Reflect incarceration times---

But these neo-colonial type holding enclaves,

need not be like reflections of the holding frounds

Of the slaves;

Basketballs and nikke's---footballs and jerseys---

Could buy up and restore these urban territories;

Establishing sound economical, political and cultural


Come brothers; come sisters; let us pool our resources;

Bring forth these realities.

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Charles2 says:

Inventive, creative, thankful souls ...due righteous work. like waves of glory to touch upon the shores redemptive power and self replicating energy ripples in the heart of mind

Alekia Abeni says:

Beautiful masterpiece! I enjoyed reading this piece. Prolific and much needed. Thank you for sharing

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mlowe5 says:

Thanks for the reads and feedback. United, what a powerful force we are! Peace and Love.

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