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Poetry is my art, pain is often times my pen. I will write until the ink spills no more. And the colors cease to blend. -Cherubim

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🌍 Treasure Ships 🌍

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Ocean beds & murky water seas
carries the buried treasures of pleasures
from ship wrecking thieves.
Left to be found by the souls that are aroused
by sudden urges of greed.
Searching the waters full of death,
just to find the wealth
that was left behind.
Silver nickels, quarters and dimes
for the mentally, spiritually
sick and the blind.
Who believe in monetary gains
more than revolutionary change.
More than evolution and the pains
aimed at treasures thrown over ships,
hit, whipped and slain.
The ocean's floors will sometimes speak,
but still forever keeps
the secrets of the jewels and treasures
that humbly sleep and lay beneath.
Still they shine to the surface
where their bodies make the water's appearance
appear as heavenly and divine.
The black slaves whose graves are the ocean's bed,
will forever be the reason why the ocean
it glistens and shines.


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mrmelody7 says:

Pungent write when you think about it monetary gain is all they want never thinkin bout the lives thrown off those ships, potent reminder

fm110comphodent says:

Ive been there to feel the ruins of moving slaves from there attributes. Kind poem.

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2b2b2 says:

Crazy TIGHT Flow.....awww'iiight!!!

Ak rio says:

Flow is smooth and there is a lot of meaning I likey

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