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"It Happened One Night(An Erotic Tale)"

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My sincerest desire should have become a reality…


 Two beautiful women   - one from Africa, the other from China   - walked towards me outof the shadows. All I could do was stand there with adolescent like awe. I looked at the African beauty   first./ Her skin was flawless and hued the darkest of chocolate. She had a small nose,which flared out a little at the nostrils, and full sensuous lips. Her breasts were voluptuous with dark, richly colored areolae…The brush of her mound though coarse was trimmed into a   perfect   triangle. Her friend was not as statuesque, but nonetheless, breathtaking…She had a long mane of jet black hair which fell well past her ass. Her face was absolutely stunning. But,her    stomach was especially attractive, for it only had a tiny dotof a navel. Below that was a thin   line of down, which led to a luxurious patch of triple black pubic hair…


   “So, which one of us gives you pleasure first?” asked the Chinese beauty. “Her” I said pointing  to the African goddess. “My name is Quixoca. Say my name” she demanded sternly, yet without anger.  “Quixoca” I said in a hypnotized tone. She walked over to me and started touching me everywhere. “You won’t be needing these anymore” she said as she helped me out of my boxers. Dropping to her knees she started sucking me deeply/increasing the tempo as she wentdown and came back up. That’s when Chimera, her Chinese friend came behind me and started kissing  me on the neck.  She bent down and took one of  Quixoca’s  fingers and placed it in her own mouth.  All the while Quixoca never stopped what she was doing.  She then tried to push the   finger lubricated by her friend inside me. “Wait! I said in protest. “That’s not for me! ”Before I could say another word, her finger was pushing in and out, which didn’t break therhythm of her sucking….It felt so incredible as I came in her mouth that I started crying andwhispered   thank you   over and over again…

   “Now, you have eat Chimera”   Quixoca said sexily, still licking her lips. “But, I’ve never donethat   before. I don’t know how”  “Don’t worry she’s going to teach you.” Chimera laid on the plush carpet and opened her legs invitingly. I knelt down and brought my face to her entrance/inhaling the musky, intoxicating aroma of her sex. I gave her a few tentative kisses there. “No baby, take your hands, open it up, and lick it up and down and all over.” I obediently did as I was told and began to lick it with urgency/You know like an ice cream cone that’s starting to melt.  Her tasted like an awesome combination of honey and cotton candy. “Yes baby justlike   that!” She grabbed the back of my head and gently held it in place. “Now take your tongue and put it inside.” She was so wet that I started lapping up her nectar like a man dying from thirst….


    When it was over Quixoca didn’t even give me a chance to rest. She straddled me and slowly, sensuously sat on my whole length while at the same time licking Chimera’s wetness from my face.  She gingerly pushed her tongue into my mouth. I was so blissed out by her wetness that her tongue just sat there without a friend. She removed her tongue and whispered in my ear… “Give me your tongue as well” Then she raised herself to the top of my manhood and beautifully lowered herself again. Our lovemaking became so passionate that her vagina started making  suction sounds… Faster and faster, deeper and deeper she rode me until I felt the cum welling up inside…


   …And, that’s when I noticed my hand gliding up and down myself….I opened my eyes and realized that I was in my prison cell/masturbating for at least the hundredth time this week….


           ...But, damn, wasn’t that good for ya’ll too!


        It Happened One Night(An Erotic Tale) by  Poetiq1der




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