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Read with Your Heart & Listen with Your Soul

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Allow me to come clean
For I don’t always have the power
To articulate exactly what I do mean
For I have been told to speak in average speech
Discuss my visions and dreams
And how God will tear down those who dream of nothing BUT cream
He will not favor he or she who take favor & feen for a false idealized scheme

My dreams and visions are intended to discuss metaphors
To potentially open ‘a visionaries’ hearts windows & doors

For God told me
That when I speak
He will uphold me
He will grab me if I fall
And He will raise me up and hold me
As long as I faithfully continue to do
And say all that He has shown or told me

So most of my writings
Many, if not all of my reciting
Are to make you ponder
Think deeply
Let the spirit enter you and seep in
Don’t let evil creep in
My direct ways
Are like a barrage of automatic sprays
Hitting when I take time to coherently do some lyrical spitting
Having teeth grinding and gritting
I will lessen your burden if you seek for light
For my light is minimal
But it is PURE
And He gives me strength to continue to fight & endure
None of my words are spit out like manure

For my nature is of a higher calling
I do not sit back stalling
I admit my many falls and continued falling
But I get up to continue my fighting & brawling
For I fight against powers and principalities unseen
And thus when I write, recite
It is all a small piece of my experiential light
Shared and given
To potentially uplift any who may hurt
For as God did not desert me at my worst
Neither will I
Shall I ever desert!

You have my word
I shall always be direct and never curb my word
For my words are HIS
And His is my business
He has blessed me amidst the stress
And grants me power to inhale a few more breaths
Until of me there will be nothing left
And I will spit fire from the heavens
Until in this world
There is a cataclysmic cleft


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