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A Husbands Friend

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It was casual at first between you and me. 
Introduced at a time when life was carefree. 

You brought me comfort and put me at ease. 
A sensation that felt like a warm summer breeze.

Whether up or down, it seemed only you cared.
But some disapproved of the bond that we shared. 

It was all innocent and just didn't seem right.
Conversations of you always started a fight.

To avoid conflict, we hid and... I lied.
Wanting you always, right there by my side.

We've now had each other for so many years;
It's hard for me to hold back my tears. 

I feel so betrayed by all that you took.
But still so vulnerable when I see you and look.

I pray now and forever you stay out of my life,
I need to spend time with kids and my wife.

You have ruined my life for years - not just days.
My bottle, my friend, we need to part ways


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yuhi says:

Aww it's so cute. It gave me the metaphor of being safe in someone's hands, and no one could touch you when they were with each other. ^_^ Cute feeling lol.

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