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A Gunplay

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Caress the barrel, feel your steel, so hard, hard forever, squeeze, with a quick twitch watch the tip spit death 16 times, until the pee hole smokes.

Nine millimeter d*ck waiting for the urge to steal lives, the morgue is full of lead overdoses. Left overs from a Saturday night special. America obese from a fat diet of gunfights and body counts. Brought to your living room on 82 channels.

The NRA has a choke hold on gun control, government has sold its soul because dollars make sense. Channel X broadcast daily casualties, only thirty seconds of reality, and now for the sports.

Since the revolution witness the evolution of violence. The color of blood woven into the flag. As we place our hands over our hearts.

Warfare rages on the back pages of yesterdays newspaper.

Imitating Massa's game of right by might.

Peace looking down a rifle sight....

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