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1080p Soldier Boy

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1080p High Definition virtual M-4s with grenade launchers, Heckler & Koch​ assault rifle with sniper scope. 5.56 NATO rounds reverberate through 13 year old bodies. Wide screen 3 dimensional warfare, tactics reenacted on microchip interfaces, projected on to entranced baby faces locked in a control loop. Unlimited ammunition, Kevlar body armor, Stereophonic screams and blow out wounds splattering virtual blood on game room sofas. Trigger finger cultivated by captivated teenage techno-soldiers. Drone daydreams, flying combat missions from bunk beds, virtual dead keep score. Hand eye coordination, a killers cold heart, repeated. Reset button pushed by automatons in pajamas. The virtual reality of the unreal, digitizing fatalities. Disseminate on Christmas Day...

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