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50 Shades of Grey

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I was sitting in a lobby,

My child was playing Madden,

In walked a woman,

Her view was very candid,

Amidst these lines she sat down,

Hadn’t seen her before around town,

This opportunity was why I presented myself,

Behind her legs I began to melt,

Black lives matter much more than U think,

Brooms grew instant as we looked and blinked,

A constant figure that unlocks the pliers,

Releasing the grip she so desires,

My child understood the presence would shake,

Endeavored by the woman I could take,

Remembering his mom and the looks that would kill,

The dilemma were the brooms that took actions wheel,

This may seem a bit crazy at first,

But along with desire it becomes a curse,

Knowing that the lobby is a gateway to hell,

Shear factors of action is enough to sale,

The product of a black child begins the path,

In the fatherhood schemes of a bloodbath draft

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after vision says:

my poet, sometimes we push our pen and sometimes our pen pulls us across the paper. i love to see the battle of the heart and mind take place as yours have here today.

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