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"Emotions Behind the Mask"

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Each and every one of us have a stairway to heaven
Yes, we can't see the stairs on Earth, but we will see the stairs on our walkway to heaven
As we fully repent from sinful ways we get our heaven shoes on
We take a deep breath and take one step on our holy steps with a smile on our face and grace on our breastplate
We turn tell the Earth bye I escaped
In the middle of our quiet clear journey we keep our eyes straight seeing just ahead the golden gates "Jesus I'm on my way!"
Firery arrows passed like a meteor at the corner of our eye
Pause is what we do wondering what the item was shaking our heads we pick up our pace heading to our final place
Now arrows are shooting to our left and right
We dunk and dodge
In the clear we glance up and see the culprit the devil shooting his sin arrows below at me
His workers are sitting on the stairs ahead cutting at the stairs
"Nooo!" I say as I see one step drop at a time and disappear
The devil evil grin tells me he happy to cut me off from God
Finally I felt my step drop from under me
With no gear I fell with my back towards the surface of Earth in the rapture
Closing my eyes I felt my body fall all of a sudden my fall stopped
I felt wings glued on my back and a voice whisper "I built more steps" "Come with me" it was Jesus my daddy saved me

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