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If I don't do dope

then I eat like a hog,

in between I beg or steal

just like an old hound dog.

When can I kick and lick

these frustrating habits,

even with females

we love like rabbits.

It is, I know

a dead dead end,

yet still I try to cope

without a real friend.

It's not funny how life seems

like a damn see-saw,

up and down up and down

I have no respect for the law.

There are many things I can do

eat less, don't do drugs, or invest in a truck,

but I keep on running with satan

trying to stay faithful but don't give a yuck.

I tried giving God another try

by going back to church,

though I soon ran back to satan

and wallowed again in his dirt.

I'm a cautious human being

and really very smart,

but stuffing food and smoking dope

is blowing up my heart.

I have been getting counseled

and my family's praying for me,

God is forever giving grace

but I still don't see.

This to me is not a joke

this has gotta stop,

my brain cells are dying slow

and my hearts about to pop.

Praying hard dissin' satan

doesn't seem to work,

I guess I'll be an idiot

I guess I'll remain a jerk.

This life is no game to me

even when I think I'm having fun,

on days when it's real hot

I don't feel the sun.

Things will get better for me, 

when I don't lie and steal, 

and when I put true faith in God

believing he is real.


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Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours. This was a well thought out, wonderfully articulated composition. Indeed, the struggle between the Spirit and the flesh is a constant one. I can certainly relate to these(your)words, as I struggle with personal demons everyday. However, Jesus broke the curse of sin and death on the Cross. Therefore, once we accept Christ into our heart and life...we are forever forgiven of sins...but, there has to be a change in our thoughts and behavior. I'm far from being perfect....however, I'm not the person I used to be...The Good Lord Bless you for having the intestinal fortitude to share your strengths and weaknesses for others to see. 1 Love

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