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Peak Hole

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your inner child has something to say

you don't allow her to talk, you don't

let her play, you take all her toys away

she can't hopscotch, you take all her chalk

you're depressed, she's under stress

you don't eat, she can't sleep

she's the reason why, you don't know

why you do the things you do

she trying to get your attention

you blame her, she blames you

you're not the only one, whose

been hurt, she's in pain too

crying over constant loneliness

missing toxic relationships

meanwhile your inner child's

suffering abandonment

went deep within had to fight

for my life, had a pen in my hand

my inner child was holding a knife

to my throat, she wrote a grievance

about what comes between us

"don't kill me, you need me"

here's your blanky and binky

she's a problem child, I got a lot

of problems to solve, on the job

trying to calm her down

she spit out the pacifier

playing with matches

always starting fires

I pick it up and give it back

bout to blow my stack

thanks to anger management

I'm holding back

she got tough love

so I love hard

don't you think, your inner child

has something to say...




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