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40-Bar-Dash ($par-Bars)

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My team enter the ring-with no towel to throw in it
We just-goes in-til’ the mission or goal finished

Told you-those men are conditioned to go get it
You rappers weak-we dragon speech-like coal in us
Over eat then throw diamonds like Hov’ wit’ us
The soul in em’-better wit time-like cold dinner
Y'all swimmin' in froze limits-with old gimmicks
When it's-Kings blood in our genes-like gold linen
I'm sewed into these metaphysical setups

So what we talkin'-gettin' ahead-Or gettin' head in a Jetta?-

Before one-hundred percent of the debt is collected

Both_I know my homies gotta go get it-I'm sayn'-
Why would I settle-knowing that I could do better
Than watches & bezels-tropical weather-
Lobster in cheddar_that shyt is-not on my level
Or I'm not on that level-Yet-I'm keepin my head up
Headed for heaven-handling obstacles better
Who sleepin' on me?-the rest are not on my schedule
Wake up!_smell the flowers & petals-my size 10 on the pedal
Even 9th wonder if I'm a Hip-Hop fellow
When I just hit the floor-and vibrate like jello

Sole leather-Gold medals-go get’em

My Spar bars-clearin' the bars set-wit' lyrical parkour
A star war_I'm forced to get lit_Behold-a star born

Now show me my opponent in the mirror_
Then show me microphone that I can tear up_

Astronomical stats are Actually promising

Just run the rap back-U know that's what ima' do
I touchdown to score on-whoever you lobby for
That's probly’ more-bodies floored-than Dead-Pool in the act-
Playin' that track from Drowning Pool
Hip-Hop found a back-to-pack it’s mountain on
Don't mind the pressure-I need that for feedback
Where the trees at-I came from Jersey
And Ima' shine mine til' the flame is bursting
Applying pressure to the vain-I'm nursing-so to speak

Flow elite-to show the streets-a change of surface

That the chains are broken-if you sane just bolt then

Capture the audacity-of a passionate rhapsodist

Rap with me or Dash with me-I'm never turning back with this

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Wize Dom says:

Dope from the beginning to the end and from the bottom to the top. Much respect!

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Ezell-Dazh says:

Good lookin' Wize-Fam

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Ladypoet45 says:

Nice work ezell

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