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4 On War and Thoughts of Love

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4 On War and Thoughts of Love

(Apropos Peace on Earth and Good Will: Advent Again)



In the name of peace, wars are fought;

from the children life is released—

death wins all that it has sought:

the blood of youth satisfying the beast.



Wars are being fought in the name of peace.

For the dying children, there is no release.

All are victims in this oxy-moronic game;

the winner and loser are both the same



Wars are being fought in the name of peace;

the victims—the parents of the children who are deceased.

Where is the justice in man’s inhumanity to man?

How long can we just sit around and not take a warring stand?



Love stopped by yesterday just to say hello.

For a brief moment it appeared she would stay.

But alas, it became evident that she would soon go.

Yet I shall forever cherish that day she took time to pass my way.

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Kingqadardwon' says:

Outstanding capture sir! Pain demonstrates longevity in this wicked society but every once in a while love slips through the half opened window like a breezy night during the storm season, feels so good, but will soon leave after the storm has devastated everything in its path.. I'm grateful for that brief moment as well..

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