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A Beautiful Moment

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Tranquility is at rest at the end harbor, the sun’s glare is dying in hints of pink.  The haughty clouds are stuffing the sky and have taking on a sundry of spirits.  I can distinguish that they are vastly amused and it seems that they all are laughing, but they negate to take a spell to approach me, and let me in on their little secret.  My sight was abruptly fixated westward, at the embelished sapphire and gold  ambiance, enjoying a soundless symphony then appeared, a two-tone gray archangel, it was my perpective, he was performing, Concerto from his translucent  violin.  Immediately, the golden-blue waves became aggressively jealous, apparently, it must have been due to my lack of thoughtlessness.  Their raging hands pounded at the wind, begging for my attention, my judgment was a bit thrown off, by the behavior of these two pompous archaic prankster’s.  They proceeded to play tricks on my pseudo vanity, and, I did not find too amusing. Aggravation stole my peace when they saturated, my dearest paisley.  At last, company has flown in from the north, yet they seem so conceited, they have no desire to sit or become intimate.  Yet, I must admit, that they have found me a bit odd but appealing.  My peace spoke first and expressed, awe… what a beautiful moment and I replied promptly, yes, I guess you’re right.

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