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Poetry is my art, pain is often times my pen. I will write until the ink spills no more. And the colors cease to blend. -Cherubim

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He hurt me.
He punctured my lungs until I could no longer breathe...
Stabbed the arteries of my heart until I could no longer grieve...
Reminded me of how demons and devils live in the bodies of flesh. And how they no longer have the need to play hide and seek.
How they walk in daylight's peak. And devour the innocent meat
of little girls who pretend to be weak. That's him.

Yes, THAT'S HIM! He hurt me!
strangled the innocence in my womb until the breath of my childhood turned blue.
He gave me a reason to hate without forgiveness. Love without commitments.
And dressed up my heart in red blood and pink ribbons.
Pretty bowties with white laces.
White gowns. Shamefaced.
My childhood sweetheart was this poetry that I would paint across my wrists like my childhood's street art.

She hurt me. Yes, her too.
Dismantled my virginity from the shelf where it stood as my only trophy to life.
Discovered the insides of my meat like white pilgrims on Thanksgiving night.
Branded me with her prints. And vowed to make me her wife.

so now I feed off of souls like death's toll.
I devour ni99as who lay their hearts in the pit of my dark hole.
and I excuse my greed blaming it on this heart  that bleeds....Nothing but Pity.

Because hurt people, hurt people.
And victims, they victimize.
And pain.. Well, it never does heal.
Unless... you want it to.

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Poetic08' says:

First of all ´╝îwelcome back Queen.And like always ,your poet your work give the true .

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2b2b2 says:

DOPE...you killed (kill-did did) It.... Again!!! Thanks always for your shares!!!

reesiecupp says:

This was a GREAT READ FOR ME. Real DEEP!! Thank You

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Ladypoet45 says:

Powerful work! Thank you for sharing.

hymnagen says:

Lil sister, what's good? Missed you! You brought the usual heat with this piece. I salute your pen. #Respect

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underhiswings7 says:

Many thanks to all of you beautiful, courageous and inspiring poets. Continue to uplift and be uplifted. Inspired people inspire people!

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