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Garden of...

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nail it shut leaving no openings
for those who are hoping for a saviour
to save them from the Roman Impire
everybody knows that Rome is in control
call it what you want too
there is no telling what evil men won't do
just to su...press, su...press the truth
I'm empressing on you, dive deeper
it's in you, it's not new,it always and will be
will you believe to be free willing to be
whole,then so,have faith,we been told
your faith has made you whole
starve your flesh, feed your soul
though we have been waterhosed
do not quench the fire that's in you
it burns for a reason, just believe it's
 your season and let no one tell you
Gods not with you coz, you're filled with sin
they are liars and that's sin too
shut the jaws of the lion
stop all of the cryin, it rains enough
there is no need for shedding tears
I'm telling you my friend it's not over
it's not the end, just when they think
heaven has closed it's gates in your face
don't sit around pouting like a child
just wait and wait awhile you willsee
the sun shine on you and smile

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mlowe5 says:

Indeed, and let us let our little light shine in the freeing living oneness of the Most Hight and Self feeding our hungry selves with the Truth of liberation. Write on Sir Brother! Peace and Love, mlowe 5

SYQ222 says:

I love that! Speak!

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