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Some where over the struggle

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if you are looking for empathetic miss you will only find emptiness  no one is remorseful no one is sorry no one cares about those stains on top of your pillowcase  rid your face of all that water waste daughter here you will not find  mother nor father it's just not that kind of order take my advice it is as good as ice in water  you could lose your life over a quarter I've actually seen someone die over one dime more than one time in the hood a hoodie is required fashionable  attire Chucks and Jordan's hang freely from wires you don't even want to know what's the cause of a burned out tire flags flying halfstaff on a fence  is enough evidence you are treading on dangerous  territory here there is a story respect the memory of those who fell and were left behind you have no cause for  being in these parts you have crossed the line you have gone too far son you are not worthy enough to split this inner cities legs apart and bust it wide open no need in hoping  she is not willing to give you her heart she will be little you and black widow too she'll leave you rob you and have  you killed by her nephew so stop crying bout she left you run while you still can man put it in reverse do not park you have entered  a curse this is not a drive thru this is not a place for sightseeing you see those port o potties you are liable to open up the door and find a bodies by Gotti I give you a birds eye view look at these pigeons  they have wings and still can't get up off the ground welcome to the project the mission the experience awaits you "WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD " is how they bait you in the City nurtured by sin no one wins and everybody is a star

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2b2b2 says:

Uhhhhh....Standing Ohhhhhz... This is that Fire in form of the poetic screenplay

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