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"We Ain't Forgotten...

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You cried a smile

shadowing anger

beneath a canopy

of love


Your necks filled nooses

tied with Christian knots

that never failed


Your wombs challenged

the holding holes

of sanctified graveyards


You kneaded gospels

from the dough of pain

and fed starving souls:


You moaned songs

with groans echoing

echoes from the depths

of suffering spirits—


Suffering spirits

whose fortified bent backs

gave rise to a flourishing nation


The fruits of your labors

have now ripened:

dropping pregnant seeds

germinating liberty

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haakimuallah says:


poems by this commentor


haakimuallah says:


poems by this commentor


mlowe5 says:

haakimuallah, thanks for the read and feedback. Much appreciated. Peace and Love, mlowe5

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