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(work in progress)

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(unfinished work in progress...)

 "As friends and heroes goes"

On  my Van Gogh shyt

Lend me an ear

Too Loose for le trek

Gotta get from here

Need some Monet

Licked and steined

Georgia O'queefed

Frida's khalo'd cat

Don't cum cheep

If you saw how she Basquiat

You'd fatten the pot

Givincci my dude

Getting dat stink Pink

Fix your mug

You don't know the link

Graffiti bridge, Sid

I did my bid

Had Haring staring

Sayin' yup he did

Toasting Michaelangelobes

Chokin on a pungent bowl

Reubens on a Choclit swole

Saying Mai Mai Mai

Going that Wei Wei

What in Warhola did he just say?

I'm so Cassius words like Clay

A Bald Win, son , don't play...

I Langs tons in hues

All Princely in purpley blues


(To be continued)


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haakimuallah says:

Not sure how I should feel when a group asks for a glossary to reference the references... Smhl

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