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A Sort Of Super Mario Kind Of Affair

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Every day I am leaping higher Jumping from brown blocks and green pipes. From the pluck of fire flowers steams this passion that I pursue So adamantly. Question mark filled boxes highlighted yellow. Flickering on and off. The alchemy of white gloves, stomping and flipping the backs of turtles. Small mushroom men with small feet. Flying bullets of unusual size. Large man eating plants. I no longer fear the height of odd shaped trees, and small collapsing bridges. What I fear most are the walls of empty castles. Flying bullets and funny shaped ghost. Soon to attack soon as I turn my back. Lava filled pits. Huge block castles. Torn blue coveralls. Dull and weathered black boots. The slip of a shoe and everything I know comes to an end. Still, I travel land, sea, desert, space. No matter what adversity, In search of a princess that I love so adamantly. No matter how long the journey

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