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" A Relationship with Poetry"

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Like Adam and Eve Jesus put me and you together

I came from your rib we will forever be attached because I know you got my back like that

yes, we are naked (unclothed) ,but we have no reason to be ashamed

like ink to paper we let our love overflow

take my hand let's walk, skip in the garden of poetry let's sit on our quilt of sonnets and similies

as we gaze at the sky the stars describes us in adjectives

in you I live

intimacy is fire in our blood

let's get out of here and get to know each other a cup of poetry (caution!!!) our words will be hot!

wow! the sun is up never had these many words spilling out through my intellectual knowledge

come on let's get cozy by the fireplace and get warm

I know it's only been a couple of months ,but your sweet, calm presence makes me want to ask you this " can we make it official as : Author and Poetic words?" Take your patient time no rush

contemplating my answer

days later I say " yes, let's make it official"

do I hear wedding bells from me to my passion

when you live, dream and create poetry I say yes

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Nice beautiful

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