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A Non Statistic

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the block maybe hot

but folks are cold, they heart is bold

but crushed when they stuck in the rush

when swat kick the door, it's on the floor

kids in the mix ,I cry cause it's sick

mom in the blitz with a fix

consequences that the pain inflicts

no plans for the future, just doing what they do

the things that they used ta

no goals for tomorrow

just marijuana,dope & bottles

role models are scarce

ghetto stars until they find themselves

behind these steel bars

soft the heart of crooks,now companion the book

you either fight or flop, ain't no love in the drop

ain't no coming back when the heart stops

now in lonely hours,showered in tears

ahead is many years

you now smell the coffee & flowers

some people are rats, trife

inflict poison at bites

have very little or no respect for ya life

let em have the cage,striving for a better stage

lookin' for a higher place,feenin for a better wage

don't need the approval

get in the way,be placed on the list of removal

no more projects

refuse to be the target or object

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