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A Sperm Donor(Dedicated To Wife)

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we were rightfully yours

children and fathers gather

our hearts remain a shatter

into fours

an easy good bye

we today ask why

maybe it's legit excuses

or just simply the truth

we can't call it a truces

you abandoned our youth

time for exposure

we demand closure

no lunches, no events

no visits, no conscience

with no intents to pull close

very distant when needed the most

we stayed persistent in our pursuance

and the results of your absence

child hood truance

our hearts seemed to never mend

and if we said "I love you"

how fake and pretend

cant let things continue unfinished

when glancing in the mirror

we all a split image

the present emotions, very unexplained

beyond words

mental scars and pains

our hearts still shattered

at no restore

will it remain still scattered

into fours?

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