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A Part of Me

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Linguistically, speaking vividly
Because through my words, I am giving me!
A part of me I give to thee
As I sit here & type
Creating either havoc, or fright, or maybe making you hype!

I have learned to dispense my minds pretense
Speaking on defense and yet guarding myself with verbal offense
Not being offensive
But quite emotionally defensive
Never get apprehensive

Never speak in disguise
I feel my own
And see the tears on other souls eyes
The agony of humanity is something I abhorrently despise
I try my best to utilize
Words of wisdom to capitalize
That, with the world - I truly do sympathize
Not just that, but I also empathize
To the point that I must use my words to baptize
Baptize your minds eyes
For those are the eyes that have remained closed & confined
Confined, never defined or able to sit back, relax & recline.
For those are the minds that do not understand
What I think is then transferred into the velocity of my hands

Onto the digital screen
I place my electronic pen
So then
I can write about
What I did smite back then
So my mind spins webs of words

That create images for you to see
Imagine graphics of translucent sensory
The robbery of my heart many times
Its many crimes throughout time
My blind eyes seeing the signs

The many times
My many minds were thrown into the flames of various names
Suffered various pains & multiple shames
Learned to hate the world’s congruent games
Healing the lame
Feeling the same
Making my own rules
Creating my own educational pools
So as to help me learn to enforce & maintain
The power of my name

So I give the world just a part of me
Every time I sit to write
The roadblocks in my mind
That at times
Make it difficult to find
The road to tranquility
Peace of mind
Eradicating my need to always know
Thus when I write
I graphically show
How and when
I was able to learn from each torturous burn
While being able to discern
And exponentially grow!


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