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Everywhere is war (Bob Marley) Gaza is Burning



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Reap the whirlwind 

The enemy of peace has let himself in

Mechanized murder let loose upon the material world

God made man in his image 

Man make man less than 

Humanity stolen from the inconsolable

The dead turn to ash and dissappear in the wind 

Everywhere is war

War a hellish helter skelter living in the memory of amputees

Scarred and scared wounds cauterized by alcohol and opiods

Living a symphony sung by the lords of industrial destruction

Human targets die in silence die in violence dead to the world

Say last rights for the last light of peace

A spark

A glowing ember

A flame that flickers 

In the hurricane of hate 

Cup your hands around a tiny word

As the winds of war howl

Everywhere is war....

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