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They goin to take my babies

They all I got

DHS goin take my babies

They done called my cousins

Talkin bout a wellness check

We walking cuz the shelter full

They aint got no beds for my babies

Aint paid rent since Covid

I got a piece of a job

But no peace of mind

Forward my address to these streets

These sidewalks

Sharing chips and soda we still pray before we eat

My babies daddy said I was'nt sh*t

My babies keep asking when we going home

I lie and say we camping outside

I'm crying inside

I'm dying inside

Jesus help me

Jesus help me please

I know I aint living right

But these kids aint do nothing wrong

We pushing a stroller uphill

Maybe we can ride the El train tonite

Maybe Big Momma let us stay tonite

Maybe I will F*ck for a buck tonite

Get a motel room 

It will be dark soon

It will be dark soon...

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mrmelody7 says:

The harsh volt of reality its not just other folks on the news am part of the news
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Deep! Look out babies' daddy! We going to take this awareness seriously!

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