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Auld Lang Syne



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Strutting into the New Year like
Star studded
Arriving at the annual Players Ball
Full length mink
Diamonds in the back
Sunroof top
Greeting all writers of poems up in here with
Poetic love
Got my 
Mind on my poetry
And my
Poetry on my mind
Fully strapped
Waiting for some fake poets to jump up to get beat down
Only writers of poems
get safe passage past my bouncers
To enter into this hallowed space

My semi-automatic keyboard
Fingers on the trigger
Ready to blast from my past
To regulate
To educate
To poet-icate
But don’t get the wrong idea
I’m dancing into this New Year
Like the Nicolas Brothers in Stormy Weather
High five to every true scribe in the room
I got your back
Like I know you got mine
Slip no mickeys in my pen while I ain’t lookin’
Here’s to you
Writers of poems
Be always on your guard

Look both ways before you
cross your
Dot your
These days
It ain’t safe to dwell in the real
To be
Writer of poems

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mlowe5 says:

Thus, let us continue to live and die free. This Old Poetic Zion has continued to do the former and at 81 , looks forward to the latter reality! Thanks for this inspiring write, New Panther. High Five! ONE. Peace and Love.

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