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long distance

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Standing out there in the chilling sunshine,

Waiting while she found that relieving spot,

I look out over the way and my eyes filled

With another one of Autumn’s canvassing

Of the juxtaposition of nature’s beauty.


Looking down through a wide palisade trail

Of a nice little forest, my eyes caught a canvas.

On the right side stood tall saged green trees

Towering over cute little red-looking small ones;

And on the left stood several tall saged naked trees.


What was astonishing, however, was that 

Each side of this palisade had a calm glow

That the sunshine gave on this chilly day;

Canvassing another one of nature’s lessons

Trees teach about life, death, and resurrection.  


She having finished, un-humped and turned homeward;

I just kept looking over my shoulder at those sage trees.

In the chilling sunshine and soft breeze, I swear I could hear

Those grayish naked trees saying to the green and red ones,

“I been where you are, and will return.  Hope you’ll be there.”


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mlowe5 says:

Thanks, love_supreme. I know you could see what my mind saw. ONE. Peace and Love.

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