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lightness in the dark
If you're reading this you're it, get with it stay with it don't quit.

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Keeping Composure



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I tried to talk to you but couldn't get through so I decided to collect my thoughts and write to you what's on my mind and in my heart "I don't like you" but can't be hateful towards you I dislike you I ain't gone invite you to my pleasant mood every time you come around I move to get away from you I don't particularly like your energy I don't don't like the fragrance you wear it annoys my allergies I don't want you around me I been gone forever and a day how on earth did you find me where I was hiding it would please you to know I'm in a bad way but I won't say yay or nay you're like a useless app I need to clear the cache force stop to stop you from running in the background uninstall and disable indefinitely change it or end it is exactly what I mean how soon do we forget but I still remember what went down last December when you started drinking couldn't hold your liquor started spouting off at the mouth about stuff you didn't know what you was talking about that's the kinda stuff I'm speaking of you couldn't keep it down so I had no choice but to bring it up to the surface I tend to do that on purpose I know you nervous about the question how come every time the sun rise yo sorry a** wakeup and apologize for last night now I'm off you and on to the next chapter in my life story when it's on it's on I'm gone tell all in this book of countless pages only names have been changed but the truth remains the same

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mlowe5 says:

Indeed, "...when it's on it's on...[and]...the truth remains the same.." even in deep composure. Nice. One Peace and Love.

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