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A Satisfied Customer



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Twenty eight degrees
The whipping winter wind
Spanking my backside like daddy’s hands
When I used to cut up in church
During long ago Sunday morning services

We hip-hopped along Market Street

"No brother
I don’t need a Rolex today"

Noticing the distinct sound and smell of salsa from side street vendors

A wave of the hand
A polite dismissal to the well dressed men making their final calls

"No brother
I ain’t got time to discuss the state of the black man today
But gimme a rain check"

Teenagers huddled by the bus stop
Bouncing to the beat of indistinguishable lyrics and bass lines

Thumbing through the racks of clothing
The music pumping so loudly
Price tags reverberating on my fingertips

"Special price today
You buy… you buy...!"

And we spent
And we bought

Eating at John’s Place
So full of soul food
Couldn’t tell our Wright Streets from our Frelinghuysens

But we did get everything we wanted

A variety of things to choose from
And the prices weren’t bad

Thirty one degrees


Our car is still where we left it

As she smiles
I watch for stray children  jay-running from between parked cars

Turning up the volume
I head towards home
A satisfied customer
Head bouncing
Done my Chrismas shoppin’
In the Brick City

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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Coalhouse says:


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mlowe5 says:

Thanks for the canvassing share, Newphanter. As I looked on, I found myself bobbing and weaving to the rhythmic flow. ONE. Peace and Love.

Sassy says:

Amazing flow

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