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lightness in the dark
If you're reading this you're it, get with it stay with it don't quit.

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truth going viral truth will not be televised lies are being exposed some say it's the end of the world I say I suppose though I must agree it's the greatest sh** show on earth "Jake's takes cakes" took the cake we know news is fake perhaps it's cap we know what happens when you back a Katt into a corner nothing good after that isn't a Jaguar a cat no coincidences only star alignment the sun is a Lion cats see through the dark no sense in hiding stuff true colors stand out like shiny stuff patience takes its time it waits to pounce "got time" I don't mind won't allow the overwhelment to get in created a realm of my own you can engage with the world drew a line in a small circle no room for a crowd planning to wage war I decree poetry will speak "GET YOUR HAND OUT MY POCKET" say it say it loud cause a commotion distract the crowd 360 degree WD 40 the swivel make a easy turn around create a solution be careful of usage powerful enough to loosen nooses all is used nothing new in the news all been said and been done messiah's come and go like seasons do new age is old age appearing to be new if you knew someone wore it before you what would you do take it off and take it back would you do that we can put our heads together but we can't wear the same hat yin and yang are two of the same things different color scheme snuggling nothing between the two there's a blue that has no name a color one can't paint only God can do a new thing fact don't lie proof is fact the facts are in the pulpit been a broken toilet full of sh** that won't flush until its fixed that's how come something stink to high heaven the second coming need to be a plumber with a snake and a plunger we don't need another carpenter it's gone be sh** everywhere

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TEEDUB815 says:


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mlowe5 says:

Indeed! It's all broken news on their news. Nothing new on Sh**-Breaking News! Right on. ONE. Peace and Love.

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