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lightness in the dark
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Painting A Legendary Evil



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on the mural sits a born hero
a cause of a lot of pain 
left a this world a stain 
it took a vilage to fail
at raising a son to be a man
of distintion who developed
a habit of reeking havoc
if it didn't belong to him
he had to have it the police 
chained the beast the pen 
done the least to tame it
no one safe in the street
upon release no silence no
peace the plots thickens 
something creeps through the
trees in the forest footsteps 
in by the creek what stinks it's
a stench in the woods some 
one scream help me plese no 
one dared to rescue a vitim 
of lack of care not even one up 
stairs all witnesses 
are dead all the survivors
scared heads turn not to
see evil lurking among them 
facing the wall wondering 
if it's a mirage it's a 
damn good job that must be 
done when the sun goes down 
there's no light on high no 
answer no reply to the 
question why as the clock 
struck nine turned into
six and turn back time 
six 6 o'clock on the dot 
rubbed off paint attemting 
to rub out the spot the 
the smudge wouldn't budge 
had to stop erase text then
start on the next theme 


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mlowe5 says:

Very interesting. Awaiting the canvassing. ONE. Peace and Love.

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