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lightness in the dark
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The Hole



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it's like I know you
 but I don't know you
 knew you but don't
 know the new you
 you don't know the
 new me once we
 were close like
 mind body and soul
 that's the way we
 were now we're older
 than before when 
 we played with toy
 soldiers on the floor
 in our youth you had 
 troops I had troops
 now it's real war 
 between us two real
 blood too wish we
 could still go outside
 in the open air clear
 our minds feel the rain
 coming down play
 in the mud knowing
 it's our hide when
 we go inside can't
 forget when the time 
 is all in the mind 
 how can I leave it 
 behind it's grief
 in me I mourn deep
 it's like a dream it don't
 seem real to me the 
 wedge in between us 
 won't budge I tried 
 you tried to put it aside
I guess see you next
 time is the code for
 for the door to close on
 a good time something
 must be wrong with
 the line it's happen
 again the fear of 
 getting hurt got us 
 both drilling holes 
 in a boat expecting 
 it to float out to 
 sea if it's wrong 
 with you it's wrong 
 with me too I take 
 my own responsibily 
 it's only humility


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Deep! Holes don't hold anything and sunken boats rarely, if ever, raise themselves alone. Time for unified ascension; "'s only humility". ONE. Peace and Love.

mrmelody7 says:

Enjoyable rhyming write simple matters expressed freely with deep meanings

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