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Never Anonymous (For Baby Nia)



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years from now
children will continue to gather in school rooms
enduring September changes
digesting letters from the alphabet
along with their peanut butter sandwiches
patent leathered feet 
swaying to and fro from cavernous school desks

although your name will not appear in history books
as an author of great literary works
as a champion of skilled athletic events

those of us whom you’ve touched from arms length
and black and white obituary newsprint
will never again search through dictionaries
discovering the word
without seeing your face within its description

those conceived in love can never really leave us
will never 
really leave us

loved from arms length
and black and white obituary newsprint

never forgotten

never anonymous

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mlowe5 says:

Thanks, New Panther for arranging for me to sit here with joyous tears spending time with the spirit of my deceased son, Timamu. Bless you! ONE. Peace and Love.

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