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Its goin be alright



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Its goin be alright

In the middle of the night

Demons play hide and seek with your sleep 

Its goin be alright

When living takes up all the oxygen to breathe

Its goin be alright

Make a dollar in a hundred dollar world

Its goin be alright

Its goin be alright

Poor mans mantra

Poor mans prayer

It goin be alright

Alright in Ghettos

Alright in Favelas

Alright in Townships

The lights got cut off

Its goin be alright

The famished feast on oodles of noodles

Its goin be alright

Vacate notice on your door

Daddy dont live here no more

Its goin be alright

Day light brings circumstance and second chance

Its goin be alright.....


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mlowe5 says:

Thanks, my Brother Coalhouse. Inspiration needed. ONE. Peace and Love.

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